"Minthe (Menthe) was a beautiful water Nymph deeply in love with Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld.

One day, while Hades' wife Persephone was strolling along the river Acheron she stumbled upon her husband and his mistress Menthe. Infuriated, she took revenge by transforming Menthe into a herbaceous, tiny plant, with inconspicuous leaves so that anyone could easily step upon her.

Hades, however, showed mercy for Menthe and, on his try to comfort her, he endowed Menthe with a divine, aromatic scent to last forever. It is the plant which is nowadays known as the mint.

Many have said that Hades cast the smell of mint upon the plant so that every time he would smell the plant he would eternally remember the love he had for his mistress...

And this is how the Red Mint story began...



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