Everything happening on the inside of your body — your gut, your hormones, your diet — is reflected in the health of your skin.  Huö Má Rén, a substance beloved for both its internal and external benefits, is just one of the key ingredients in Redmint’s premiere skincare collection.  Huö Má Rén seed oil is it’s most powerful as a whole plant, or a “full-spectrum” extract, soothing inflammation and irritations as well as relieve muscle pain and stiffness. 

Redmint’s Huö Má Rén (C~B~D) line is a nutrient-dense skin care collection that packs the purest ingredients at the highest levels of concentration into every product.  Our skin is a complex organ and just like your body, it needs multiple vitamins and minerals to perform at an optimum level.  Redmint is your skin’s new superfood.

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