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Redmint Rituals

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Acupuncture works to activate and re-balance Qi, the vital energy. When Qi flows smoothly through the body’s meridian system, you experience serene emotions, healthy metabolism, balanced hormones, restful sleep, free of pain, thriving mental focus, youthful skin, sound immunity, and a sense of calm.

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Skincare + Facials

With Redmint, see inner balance + outer glow. Our treatments increase your overall abilities to thrive while leaving your skin toned and nourished.  Redmint skincare approach is holistic skin health with lasting results. With regular visits, our holistic rituals give you a lasting beatuy that radiates from within.

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Therapeutic Massage

Specialty massage that deeply revive your body and balance the mind-body connection; encourage the flow of energy (Qi) and blood within the body to promote detoxifications, improve circulation, release tensions in joints and muscles, relax mood to reduce stress, promote better sleep, soothe stiffness, and relieve pain.

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Signature Mix

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Glow Acupuncture For Face + Body

A natural alternative to botox. This powerful holistic health and beauty treatment works wonders to increase blood circulation and facial lymphatic detoxification, stimulate the production of collagen + elastin for a youthful appearance while simultaneously achieving better health.

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Infrared sauna / LED therapy

Modern technology with endless health benefits; internal system detoxifaction, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, better sleep, reduction of muscle tension, calming of nervous system, improved circulation, strengthen immune system, cellular turnover to achieve a more youthful appearance.

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When you become a Redmint member, you join a community dedicated to a holistic way of life with access to inspirational lifestyle events and selfcare rituals rooted in ancient medicine. Come with us on a TCM wellness journey. Transcend your daily selfcare routine and achieve inner balance, outer glow.

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Redmint Highlights

The future of health is holistic selfcare + natural medicine. When you adopt a lifestyle that embraces both, you are your best medicine. 

Natural Holistic medicine

Herbal Pharmacy

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Virtual Offerings

Convenient, productive, and flexible.  Virtual services and classes can help balance time and work/life commitments, while still delivering an effective health result. Experience your holistic selfcare anywhere at the comfort of your home or office.

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