Some options will not add extra time to your treatment while others offer an additional 25 minutes of a focused specialty of your choice.  

Special Membership Pricing

$49 Each // 25 Minutes

$15 Each // No additional time


Add-ons // $49


A TCM technique in which a trained TCM therapist presses specific meridian points to stimulate Qi and blood circulation.  This modality helps body's ability to heal and achieve homestasis / balance. 

Body Gua Sha

A specially designed tool used for body treatment, breaks up scar tissue, releases muscle tension, and aids in decreasing signs of cellulite. 

Body Cupping

Suction cups of various sizes increase blood flow and circulation for soft-tissue recovery. Great for muscle tension and rehabilitation. 


Herbal Consultation 

Through discussion and assessment, our TCM doctors curate a list of herbal ingredients and remedies to assist with better living and sustaining wellness in your daily life.  Available online or in store. 

Vibrational Healing

Tuning forks and other sound techniques, clear, balance and energize the body in a simple and gentle way. Encourages your body to rest and your mind to retreat. 


Heated stick to improve circulation and activate Qi flow by stimulating the internal systems and boosting overall immune function. 


Lightstim Bed Therapy

These wavelengths of the LED bed work together to relieve pain, address skin disorders, promote blood circulation and cells regeneration for nourishment and refreshment of body and skin

Oxygen Blast

Increases moisture absorption and reduces the bacteria that cause facial breakouts. 

Facial Cupping

Small suction cups lift and boost circulation, creating a plumping effect on the skin. All glow with no down time, bruising or side effects.

Facial Gua Sha

A specially designed tool used for facial massage increases circulation and detoxification of the skin while lifting and tightening facial muscles. 


Enhancements // $15

Huö Má Rén (C B D) Topicals

Helps reduce inflammation, eases stress and soothes muscle and joint pain.  


Unwinds the body and calms the mind. Studies show that aromatherapy is very useful in treating psychological disorders such as stress, depression, sleep and anxiety

Ear Seeding - Auriculotherapy

Tiny seeds stimulate meridian points on the ears that correspond to different organs and systems within the body. 

Specialty Facial Mask

Smoothes fine lines, reduces redness and rehydrates the skin while you relax. Our therapists select your mask to meet your personal needs. 

Oxygen Blast 

Increases moisture absorption and reduces the bacteria that cause facial breakouts. Oxygen can also increase energy levels. improve mood, improve concentration, improve sports performance, reduce stress, provide relief for headache and migraine.

Salt Therapy

The salt particles being released into the air increase the amount of salt you are inhaling - decreases inflammation and helps regulate a proper immune response within the lungs. Promotes better sleep and blood oxygenation.

LED LightStim Panel Therapy

Pair with skincare or any treatments, the LED panel produces wavelengths to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and maintain radiant youthful-looking skin