What is TCM ?

TCM  (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is an ancient, holistic healing system developed in China over 3,500 years ago. TCM is a whole-body approach to healing, wherein practitioners are trained to locate and treat the underlying root causes of health concerns with long-term benefits. TCM practitioners use herbal remedies and mind/body practices that are millennia old, such as acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, sound healing, auriculo therapy, qi gong and tui na massage. These therapies restore your inner body balance—known as homeostasis in western medicine—and promote optimal wellbeing. Each treatment builds on another, moving you closer to a more vibrant, harmonious, self-caring future

Vital Energy

What is Qi?

Qi is the vital energy that animates your body and protects you from illness. It flows through internal pathways called meridians and provides nourishment to your cells, tissues, muscles, organs, and glands. 

In modern science terms, Qi is regarded as bioelectricity that regulates our our cells, tissues and organs.   

Preventative + Restorative

Why TCM?


These specially designed tools are used for full-body and facial massages that break up scar tissue, release muscle tension and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Gua sha facial massage lifts and contours skin for a youthful glow and decreases fine lines and facial laxity. The ancient TCM healing modality of gua sha offers many health benefits including:

Eases pain

Relaxes and releases the channel sinews

Promotes circulation of Qi and blood

Rebalances the function of the stomach and spleen

Improves facial muscle tone

Encourages lymphatic drainage in the skin for a more youthful look

Just like cupping, gua sha can also leave red and purple rashes. These rashes are a sign that Qi or blood are obstructed, and they will fade in a few days.


In this technique, a therapist utilizes various sized suction cups to increase blood flow and circulation. It's great for recovery of soft tissue damage, muscle tension and rehabilitation. The ancient TCM healing modality of cupping offers many health benefits:

Relieves pain

Relaxes muscles and connective tissues

Draws out and releases pathogenic factors of wind and cold, dampness and heat

Reduces stagnation and promotes circulation

Regulates and invigorates the flow of Qi and blood

Reduces fever and inflammation

Cupping often leaves reddish-purple, bruise-like marks. These marks will fade after a few days. The color of the marks depends on the amount of stagnation present in your body. As stagnation reduces and pathogens clear with regular treatment, cupping marks become less visible and eventually stop appearing. 


Moxibustion (moxa) is a powerful TCM healing method that has been used in Eastern cultures for millennia. Moxibustion involves burning a dried herb called Ai Ye above the skin to stimulate and warm acupuncture points, channels, or areas of body. Moxa is extremely therapeutic for people who are weak or fatigued. Moxa can also help with the following:

Reduces pain and swelling

Enhances reproductive function

Strengthens the immune system

Activates the circulation of Qi and blood

Stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow

Moves blockages and clears obstructions 

Gently simulates and nourishes the body’s cellular regenerative process

Moxibustion is a form of acupuncture that  improves the flow of Qi, by the heating moxa that causes stimulation in the nerves and releasing endorphins to block pain.

Natural + holistic

Herbal medicine

The Art of War

Herbal Formulation

Sound Healing

Sound tuning forks are a gentle and non-invasive TCM modality. The sound frequencies travel throughout the channels and meridian points of your body, helping to balance Qi and regain your vital energy. Tuning forks are used to:

Harmonize the natural cycles of the body

Create balance, or homeostasis, in the body

Relieve pain

Reduce stress and anxiety

Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation but also has a way of moving through blockages in the body. Sound waves can help release muscular tensions and stimulates the glandular and nervous system. 

Auriculo Therapy

Auricula therapy is based on the TCM ancient discovery that ears are intimately connected with all organs of the body. By stimulating the ear median points, it can alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body. This modality can help (not limit to):

Pain Management

Sleep discomforts

Stress and anxiety

Hormone balances

Digestive + Metabolism

Memory + Cognitive Performance

Head, Eyes, Noses, Neck and Shoulders

TCM Modalities

Each one of us was born with a self-healing ability. Through the use of various holistic modalities, TCM practitioners recharge that self-healing function in your body. These modalities can balance your Qi, giving your body the supports it needs to regain its vitality.