Cow Hollow Holistic Wellness Centers

Find life-changing benefits by visiting one of the premier Cow Hollow holistic wellness centers. We are Redmint and our compassionate staff of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners are ready to develop a self-care journey that will help you enhance your overall health and well being from the inside out.


About holistic medicine

Holistic wellness centers in Cow Hollow CA, like our wellness spa at Redmint, provide an alternative approach to health care. In fact, it’s an approach that more and more men, women and families are turning to as they discover the vast benefits that come with it.

If you are feeling sluggish, sore or mentally foggy, it’s because your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social health are not in proper alignment. While traditional biological medicine focuses on the physical side of your ailment, Redmint’s wide range of TCM treatments approach your health’s larger picture to get more effective results. We treat you and your body as a whole, not the sum of separate parts.


Experience the bespoke services at our Cow Hollow holistic wellness centers

Redmint has the staff to provide a variety of TCM-rooted services ranging from acupuncture and full body LED therapy to bodyworks, sports massage and both herbal and CBD skin care facials. Each service is focused on, not just addressing the symptoms of your ailment (usually pain) but they are aimed at the root cause.

For instance, if torn tissue in your shoulder is causing you chronic pain day in and day out, a treatment like LED therapy might help to regenerate those cells and tissues to quell the pain. In biological medicine, most people would take painkillers to mask the pain.

Redmint’s holistic wellness centers in Cow Hollow CA are staffed with compassionate professionals that will take the time to explain to you the science and biology behind each service. We want you to know exactly what to expect in terms of results.


Explore the services and membership options here at Redmint

Our team welcomes you to join us on a wellness journey that will lead to a higher quality, more fulfilling life — one where you both look and feel better. And, the journey starts at our Cow Hollow holistic wellness centers. You can take your self-care journey home with you, too, with our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products. Connect with the team at Redmint right now.