Cow Hollow Pain Management

Take a holistic approach to Cow Hollow pain management by visiting our lush wellness sanctuary here at Redmint. Every day, we embark on a self-care journey with our clients, showing them all-natural ways to address their chronic aches and pains while addressing other ailments that they might be experiencing.


Redmint provides effective and natural pain management in Cow Hollow CA

Anytime you experience pain within your body, it’s a warning sign. This is telling you that something is not right. It might mean you’re not eating the right things or that a muscle, tissue or ligament has been torn or damaged and is not healing effectively.

While most people do recognize that pain is a signal, it is one that they often ignore. Too many men and women simply live through their pain instead of doing something about it. This can drag down your quality of life – and Redmint wants to help!

Here at Redmint, we bring together a variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments that provide a different approach to pain management than with traditional doctors. Instead of numbing your pain away with powerful chemicals, Redmint utilizes Cow Hollow pain management methods that targets your pain at the source. These ancient, proven treatment methods will help you find long-term relief.


Eliminate pain and enhance the quality of your life

Redmint stresses self-care to our clients. We don’t think that you should live in pain and we have treatments like our full body LED therapy, sports massage and acupuncture to help you find relief. We also provide both herald and CBD skin care facials to renew skin and help you look your best.

Our natural methods of pain management in Cow Hollow CA allows your body to use its natural healing powers to cure the root cause of your pain. These are non-invasive treatment methods that are also relaxing — you’ll come out feeling revitalized. It’s all fueled by promoting the steady flow of Qi within your body, a naturally-occurring, life-giving force with roots in TCM.

Enhance the quality of your life by joining our team at Redmint and asking us about our available Cow Hollow pain management treatments. You can take your self-care journey home with you, too, with our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products. We look forward to helping you find relief.