Financial District Sport Massages

Athletic competition and physical activity can take its toll on the body — Redmint is here to provide Financial District sport massages that will keep active men, women and teens in peak physical condition.

In fact, we utilize bodywork as an important component of our all-natural, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)-inspired services that we provide for our clients. By working on your body, we’re able to enhance the circulation of, not just blood, but also the natural, life-giving force inside of you called Qi.

Your Qi is responsible for helping to heal and regenerate cells, tissue, glands and other components of the body, in order to help keep you feeling healthy and energetic. We provide bodywork services that range from acupuncture and trigger therapy to all types of massage — shiatsu, swedish, deep tissue and more.

For our clients that engage in athletic competition, or are physically active, we provide sport massages in the Financial District SF. By combining modalities of Swedish, cross-fiber friction, acupressure compression, deep tissue, body alignment and trigger point therapy, we can sooth your body to help prevent injuries and prepare it for the rigors and athletic activity.


Perform your best with Redmint and our Financial District sport massages

Athletic competition can demand a lot from your body. If you go into competition with aches, pains and nagging ailments, it hurts performance. Prevention is a major emphasis within our sport massages in the Financial District SF. We prepare your body for competition and strengthen it in order to avoid common injuries, like sprains and strains.

If you are injured during physical activity, our sport massages in the Financial District CA help you recover quickly so that these injuries or signs of stress don’t linger. In addition to bodywork and massage, we provide a variety of other services rooted in TCM that address your health needs as a whole — including your mind, body and spirit.

Achieve peak physical condition by connecting with the team at a Redmint or arranging a time to come visit our wellness oasis. We want to help you find rest, relaxation and revitalization via our Financial District sport massages and other services. You can take your self-care journey home with you, too, with our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products!