Hayes Valley Natural Skin Care

With the Hayes Valley natural skin care treatments and products from Redmint, you can capture the glowing, youthful skin that you have always wanted. We invite you to visit our urban wellness sanctuary to learn how you can achieve beautiful skin by accounting for the direct connection between your internal health and your skin.


Natural skin care in Hayes Valley CA that is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Virtually everyone wants to achieve perfect, youthful looking skin. And, because of this, so many different skin care developers claim to have the magic elixir. The truth is that there is no magic cure, but Redmint and our Hayes Valley natural skin care treatments and products for at-home use do utilize natural ingredients that have proven effective for centuries now.

With all natural-products, Redmint provides a variety of facial treatments that help our clients turn back the clock on their skin. This includes CBD skin care facials, which is designed to reduce inflammation to address dry skin and other concerns, in addition to our herbal skin care facials, which restore youthful glow.

This means getting rid of sagging, sensitive, dry, wrinkled skin. And, one of the reasons that our methods and products are so effective is because we treat your entire self, not just your skin. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us that mind, body and soul are all connected. That’s why we provide nurture revitalization for all three components of your health, which leads to glowing, beautiful skin.


Further explore our natural skin care in Hayes Valley CA

We invite you to learn about the various types of facials that we have to offer, from our CBD facial and face lift cupping facial to our LED radiance facial. You can also browse our extensive line of proprietary skin care products that harness the healing power of TCM. This is a great way to continue your self-care journey at home. 

These products are completely natural and sustain your mind, body and soul. One of our team members would be happy to field questions or concerns you have. Everyone’s self-care journey is different — we want to help you find results.

Connect with the team at Redmint right now and let’s talk about our Hayes Valley natural skin care options!