Hayes Valley Pain Management

Welcome to Redmint, where our compassionate staff provides patients with Hayes Valley pain management treatment methods that harness the healing power of their own bodies.

Today’s approach to biological medicine has proven to be wildly ineffective in addressing the chronic aches and pains that so many people wrestle with every day. Just think about it — how do most doctors and patients tend to react to pain?

In most cases, people reach for over-the-counter pain killers or are prescribed them by doctors. This method introduces powerful chemicals into the body while merely numbing or masking the pain. What people often forget is that the human body has its own powerful healing abilities, and we unlock those here at our wellness spa through our pain management in Hayes Valley CA.

We leverage the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is a holistic approach to healing that has proven effective for thousands of years. Through our wide range of treatments, our team is able to address a variety of ailments — everything from chronic pain and migraines to restoring a youthful glow to your skin. We invite you to experience our approach to Hayes Valley pain management.


Reap the benefits of full body restoration

One of our methods of pain management in Hayes Valley CA is our full body restoration treatment, which utilizes LED lighting — resembling light from the sun — to stimulate the cells in your body to encourage healing and revitalization. This can be an effective method in addressing the everyday aches and pains in your body while also lending a more youthful glow to your physical appearance.

Our acupuncture treatment is another ancient method of helping you find relief from the pain that has inflicted your body for too long. By stimulating nerve-rich areas of the body called meridians, our practitioners are able to re-balance your Qi — the body’s natural life-giving force — in order to more effectively unleash the body’s natural healing power.


Learn more about our methods by connecting with Redmint

At Redmint, we utilize ancient techniques to bring relief to the modern man and woman. We encourage you to renew and revitalize yourself the holistic way through our Hayes Valley pain management and other services. We invite you to visit us or take on your self-care journey at home with our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products.