Laurel Heights Pain Management

Welcome to Redmint and our wellness oasis, where we implement Laurel Heights pain management methods that are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in order to help you find relief from your chronic aches and pain.

In fact, pain and discomfort can strike many different areas of your body and stem from a variety of sources. While these sources of pain might be different, pain on its own is a warning sign that something is wrong. Instead of simply numbing the pain for short-term relief like you would with most biological medical doctors, Redmint wants to help you find long-term relief and wellbeing through our pain management in Laurel Heights CA.


Find relief and revitalization with Redmint

Redmint takes a holistic approach to your overall health and wellbeing. Biological medicine doesn’t account for the fact that mind, body and spirit are all connected, and finding ways to tighten up that connection can lead to a greater quality of life.

That’s what we provide at Redmint, where we use ancient, proven methods of Laurel Heights pain management to help you:

  • Restore your inner balance to become a healthier person
  • Empower you to be your best possible self
  • Find more effective ways to unite your mind, body and spirit
  • Not just look better physically, but feel better — your overall well being is pertinent 

These sorts of things don’t happen overnight — this is a self-care that Redmint can walk you through and help you come out on the other end a happier, healthier person. Part of that journey involves addressing trauma and stress in your body (i.e. pain) and helping you find a long-term solution to it. That’s where our pain management in Laurel Heights CA proves valuable — methods like acupuncture and full body LED therapy.


Find relief with Redmint

Look better. Feel better. Be better. The team at our wellness spa is waiting to customize a method of helping you achieve peak health and wellbeing. Connect with our team and learn more about our various forms of Laurel Heights pain management. Or, take your self-care journey home with you through our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products.