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Acupuncture Holistic Health

Health Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps relieve pain, harmonize internal balance and support better immune and nervous system function. This, in turn, improves overall wellness and promotes the body heal itself naturally. Great for first-timers, sports medicine, tune ups or just to get a dose of preventative medicine on a tight schedule.

“15-Point” Glow Acupuncture

Glow acupuncture on the face and body to target face expression lines, dullness, and skin texture while promote overall wellbeing to achieve inner balance, outer glow. This treatment address the root causes of aging while harmonize inner health, promoting natural and lasting glow from within.

Therapeutic Bodywork

5-Center Therapeutic

In TCM, 5 centers refer to hands, feet and head. As many meridian points on the foot, hand, head and shoulders have direct impacts on internal organ health, this treatment incorporates the ancient acupressure and massage technique to stimulate points around the 5 centers to encourage relaxation, energy circulation and total-body wellness. 

Signature Mix

One-of-a-kind Redmint exclusive delivers you an absolute mind + body restore.

This service is performed by two exceptional practitioners of a massage therapist and an acupuncturist; both coming together to create one unique experience for you.

Lounge Service Pricing

Acupuncture // 20 mins $65, Membership $55// 45 mins $99, Membership $89

Glow Acupuncture // 45 mins $129, Membership $109

Bodywork // 20 mins $75, Membership $65 // 50 mins $119, Membership $109

Signature Mix // 50 mins $145, 30 mins Acupuncture + 20 mins Bodywork // 80 mins $199, 30 mins Acupuncture + 50 mins Bodywork // Membership 50 mins $135, 80 mins $189

Signature Mix // 50 mins $155, 30 mins Glow Acupuncutre + 20 mins Bodywork // 80 mins $215, 30 mins Glow Acupuncture + 50 mins Bodywork // Membership 50 mins $145, 90 mins $205