Marina District Acupuncture Treatment

Take a holistic approach to healing your body both inside and out by visiting with Redmint and utilizing our Marina District acupuncture treatment service.

In fact, at Redmint, we embrace the tenants of what is referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a completely natural approach to treating and healing the body by harnessing its natural healing powers.

We strive to provide our patients with inner balance and outer glow, helping them to address both the interior and exterior issues that they might be facing. We do this through the three pillars of our business:

  • Bespoke services: Here at our wellness sanctuary, we provide various treatments that are rooted in TCM and designed to jumpstart your body’s healing power. This includes our acupuncture treatment in the Marina District SF, which unlocks the life-giving force in your body (Qi) and allows it to flow unhindered through your body.
  • Holistic skincare products: Redmint addresses the crucial connection between internal health and skincare. We provide a variety of herbal and CBD skin care products that rejuvenate your skin, fighting dryness, blemishes and aging — naturally!
  • Wellness spa: Our San Francisco-based wellness sanctuary provides additional resources that allow you to heal and relax in a holistic manner.

Redmint invites you to explore our products and services to discover how you, too, can implement TCM practices to benefit your life.


Book our Marina District acupuncture treatment

Our acupuncture treatment in the Marina District SF is one effective way to jumpstart the body’s natural healing power. By using hair-thin, sterile needles to stimulate nerve-rich areas of the body (meridians), our team is able to activate your body’s Qi, which is a common theme in TCM and it's the life-giving force found naturally in the body.

Your body’s Qi is central in maintaining internal balance and powering the body in its healing processes. Through acupuncture, you can address a variety of both physical and mental ailments — from migraines, chronic pain and acne to depression and anxiety. We provide a couple different acupuncture treatment services that we’d love to tell you more about.

Trust healing and relaxation methods that have endured for thousands of years. Redmint invites you to connect with our staff and book your Marina District acupuncture treatment or other service. Or, can take your self-care journey home with you with our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products!