Marina District Pain Management

Welcome to Redmint, where the compassionate staff at our lush wellness oasis invites you to find relief and revitalization through our all-natural approach to Marina District pain management treatments.

Are you experiencing any sort of pain right now? Many of us equate aches and pains to getting older — often acting like there is nothing we can do to quell this uncomfortable condition. At Redmint, we harness Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments, and the natural healing power of your body, to help you find relief from aches and pains and also revitalize your whole body and elevate both your physical health and overall wellbeing.


Our approach to pain management in the Marina District SF

Traditional Chinese Medicine has endured for centuries is the most effective way of uniting mind, body and spirit. These TCM methods are different from modern biological medicine in a number of ways.

  • Rooted in TCM, Redmint’s Marina District pain management is all natural. This means we’re not only refusing to introduce potentially harmful and foreign substances into your body, but we’re also harnessing the innate healing powers of the human body, which are more powerful than many people realize.
  • In biological medicine, the goal is to eliminate the symptom, which essentially means that doctors want to numb the nerve from which your pain originates so that you can find relief. However, this relief is short-lived and will only come back.
  • Redmint provides pain management in the Marina District SF in the form of treatments like acupuncture and full body LED therapy. These are designed to encourage your body to heal and regenerate cells, tissue, muscles and glands to eliminate pain at its source. This allows you to find long-term relief.

Redmint is devoted to tailoring a list of services for each of our clients so that they can reap the full benefits. We want our clients not only looking their best (i.e. CBD and herbal skin care facials), but also feeling their best (i.e. sports massage, acupuncture, bodywork). And, it’s impossible to do that when you have nagging aches and pains that are indicating a problem somewhere in your body.

Self-care is vital in ensuring your long-term wellbeing. Redmint wants to take this self-care journey with you, whether at our wellness sanctuary, or to come via our collection CBD and herbal skin care products. Connect with our team to learn more about our Marina District pain management, and other services.