Marina District Sport Massages

Enhance physical performance while allowing your body to undergo its natural healing and detoxification processes by visiting with Redmint for our Marina District sport massages.

Redmint operates one of the leading wellness sanctuaries in the area, providing comprehensive resources for your self-care journey. The products and services that we offer our clients are based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is a holistic approach to health that considers the connection between your mind, body and spirit. This includes everything from acupuncture to CBD and herbal skin care facials, which help restore youthful looking skin.

Through our comprehensive bespoke services, we are able to restore balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit, allowing you to achieve peak health and wellness. Your body has a natural and powerful ability to heal itself — our all-natural approach puts your body in a position to do exactly that.


About our sport massages in the Marina District SF

Here at our relaxing wellness sanctuary, we provide a variety of massage treatments. Massage and bodywork is designed to restore balance to your body and allow your Qi to flow freely. Your Qi is the natural, life-giving energy within your body that is central in helping it heal and regenerate.

Massage provides a variety of benefits, from reducing or eliminating pain to better sleep while lowering both depression and anxiety. It’s a highly effective way to care for yourself and backed by decades of proven science.

Redmint provides Marina District sport massages for clients that frequently find themselves engaged in physical activity or athletic competition. This approach to massage combines modalities of Swedish, cross-fiber friction, acupressure compression, deep tissue, body alignment and trigger point therapy.

Through this treatment, you will find that your body will recover from workouts and injuries quicker while soothing your body and helping to prevent injuries while in the heat of competition. Our sport massages in the Marina District SF engage your mind, body and spirit to allow you to feel your best.


Experience true self-care with Redmint

In addition to Marina District sport massages, Redmint offers a variety of other all-natural, TCM-based services that we are excited to share with you. Or, you can take your self-care journey home with our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products. Experience rest, relaxation and revitalization by teaming with Redmint — we’re ready to change your life.