Herbal Bar


Redmint's modern twist on the traditional coffee bar - with adaptogens, a variety of herbal and plant medicines work to rebalance various areas of the body. Our Herbal bar curates a variety of herbs to support multiple aspects of your health.

VITALITY // Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

This formula is known in TCM to help tonify the middle jiao and raise sunken Qi to give a boost of energy.

RELAXER // Xiao Yao San

Harmonizes liver and spleen functions; it makes our vital organs happy and relaxed while it soothes the liver, tonifies spleen qi and nourishes the blood. In modern day living, over 88% of people need this. 

INSOMNIA // Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang

One of the best tried and true sleep remedies in TCM.  This formula balances the three yang stages disorder and calms the spirit, sending you to a deep happy sleep. 

GLOW // Ba Zhen Tang

Tonify and nourish Qi and blood.  Named as eight treasures decoction, the 8 herbs combine to invigorate blood and activate Qi, giving skin a healthy flow. 

Energy Qi // Si Jun Zi Tang​ ​

Known as the four gentlemen decoction.  This formula warms the middle jiao and give an uplifting mood, relieve fatigue and promote body drainage functions.  Middle jiao is the source of our vital energy and acts as the control mainframe of the body. 

IMMUNITY // Yu Ping Feng San

Known as jade windscreen powder.  This formula strengthens the defensive (Wei) Qi in our body.  Wei Qi is the upmost outer energy layer of our body and a stronger wei qi promotes stronger immune system defense.  ​

DIGESTIF // Ping Wei San

Transform any dampness in the middle jiao and harmonize the stomach.  It is believed to break up Qi stagnation to nourish the body, setting the stomach and spleen to rest from emotional and environmental upset. 

LIBIDO // Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan

Known as the TCM staple to revive kidney yang energy which ignites source fire at the gate of vitality.  Lack of sexual desire is explained as insufficient fire at the Ming Meng vitality gate which is controlled by kidney health.  This formula tonifies the liver and kidneys to preserve the essential Qi while nourish Yin and reinforcing blood. 

Our herbal drinks are based on the TCM formula strategy of Jun-Chen-Zuo-Shi, a theory similar to synergistic role play in the ancient book “The Art of War”.  Each herb has its respective responsible role(s) while the combination of herbs maximize efficacy and is stronger than any herb on its own.