Pacific Heights Pain Management

It is vital to address any physical pain or discomfort you are feeling — here at Redmint, our lush wellness oasis relies on the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide our clients with effective Pacific Heights pain management treatments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a truly unique approach to holistic medicine. This form of treatment stresses the unification of your mind, body and spirit when it comes to your overall health and welling. If any of these three elements are not aligned with the others, it can lead to a disruption in your body’s harmony. It’s important to approach your health with all these components in mind.


Our wellness oasis offers natural pain management in Pacific Heights CA

Redmint provides an alternative to modern biological medicine, which is often wildly ineffective in providing patients with long-term relief from pain. Biological medicine misses the mark in a few ways.

  • Today’s biological medicine relies on invasive measures, like prescription drugs or surgery to address pain. These can be stressful on the body and, and in some ways, do more harm than good.
  • Prescription drugs, especially, are used to numb your nerves, which provides short-term relief for your pain. But, the pain eventually comes back. Biological medicine doesn’t do anything about the root cause of your pain like our Pacific Heights pain management does.
  • Also, biological medicine discounts the power of your mind and spirit when it comes to your overall health. How can your body truly heal when your head is filled with stress and anxiety? Redmint and our pain management in Pacific Heights CA takes a holistic approach to health, which proves more effective in leading to a healthy balance.

Redmint’s compassionate staff wants you to experience relaxation and revitalization and our wellness spa. We implement treatments like acupuncture and both herbal and CBD skin care facials to nourish both internal health and bolster outward appearance, allowing you to look and feel your best. Our facials effectively address dryness, blemishes and aging skin to renew that youthful glow that so many people strive for.

Establish strong health and wellness like never before by connecting with Redmint. We’re excited to talk to you more about our Pacific Heights pain management services. You can also take your self-care journey home with you through our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products. Those are available online right now.