Our Practitioners

A team of highly knowledgeable holistic health practitioners and doctors of TCM


Dr. Liuhong is an experienced TCM Gynecologist & Acupuncturist. She is specialized in women’s health for more than 20 years, from reproductive function to internal hormonal health. In order to take care of clients more holistically, Liuhong also studied psychology, nutrition and functional medicine systematically.  

Liuhong's apporach is to figure out your root cause of aliments and treat you comprehensively by acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, gua sha and herb tea in a gentle, safe and effective way. She relieves client' stress, fine-tune the balance of hormone and boost self-healing function, resulting in your whole body in harmony physically, mentally, and spiritually again.

Liuhong used to work in Yosan Univertisty(Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture University) as a clinical supervisor and an instructor of women’s health. Liuhong obtained a medical doctor degree of TCM Gynecology in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.


Dr. Patricia J. Kim is experienced in treating pain, emotional and spiritual health, internal medicine, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, face rejuvenation and women’s health. She has worked in various integrative settings that include hospitals, clinics, a wellness gym and youth rehabilitative centers.

For many years, Patricia worked in the demanding field of science research and the fast-paced NYC corporate world, where her health went into a downward spiral. This sparked her journey into self-discovery, where she was led to a transformative meditation practice that revealed the powerful mind-body-spirit connection and ultimately inspired her to become a healer.

Patricia received her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degrees, along with a certificate in Medical Qigong from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine at CIIS. Prior to studying TCM, she earned a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Biomedical Chemistry.


Jason is a 7th generation doctor of Chinese medicine. He grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles and made his way to San Francisco to get his bachelor's of science in neuromuscular kinesiology. With that he gained 5 years of hospital experiences as a rehab aide in the acute rehabilitation unit assisting different therapists with many conditions, mostly including stroke, brain and spine injury, lung/ heart/ liver organ transplants, burn victims, and major hip and knee replacements and surgeries.

Jason obtained his doctor degree in TCM from American Colledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His experiences and interests include dermatology, musculoskeletal, internal medicine, and mental health. His motto is always about balance and the fusion of eastern and western medicine together.


Paz has been in practice for almost 25 years. She is a master at providing pain relief, women’s health, fertility, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, asthma, allergies and dermatology.

Originally from Chile, she received her license to practice traditional Chinese medicine in 1997. Since 2000, she has served as a clinic supervisor at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, where she provides guidance and mentorship to students in diagnosis, treatment, herbal prescriptions, dietary and lifestyle counseling. 

Paz is passionate about acupuncture, and the magic of Chinese herbal medicine. Her herbal prescriptions are beyond compare and a practice that is truly unique in modern day holistic medicine.


Dulce was born and raised in southern of Brazil and  moved to the USA in 1997. She was drawn to esthetics as it combined her holistic approach to life with her passion for skincare promoting healthy and radiant skin. Her Aveda Institute training and intuitive nature allows her to easily connect with clients and ensure they receive services customized to their specific needs.

Dulce's goal is to reveal the skin natural balance and beauty, educating her clients in how to maintain it with a simple yet effective routine. She is known for her relaxing touch and different techniques to create a unique sensory experience.


Eliza has been practicing Tui Na bodywork for over a decade and enjoys the variety that this massage technique offers. From the 8 different hand styles, to the Gua Sha and Cupping, she uses the Tui Na techniques to improve Qi and blood flow to nourish the clients tissues and encourage restoration.

For each treatment, Eliza designs a protocol for each individual. She incorporates Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Craniosacral Therapy to inform her sessions. Her studies of qigong and Gongfu result in warm hands and deeper attention to the clients needs and knots. She enjoys focusing on long term recoveries as well as aiding in moments of profound relaxation in our chaotic world.  


Aleksey specializes in clinical massage, using “classical” - Swedish and German techniques which is named segment massage (working along the spine). Aleksey also is experienced with Chi Nei Tsang(Internal Organ Massage), Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Reflexology and Visionary Craniosacral Work.

He began studying massage when he was in high school at age 17. He was certified as a Massage Therapist in St.Petersburg, Russia in 1981. Than, he has studied in small Russian town named Kislovodsk at Medical College during 1981-84 and graduated as a Nurse-Massage Therapist received Massage Therapist Diploma. He has worked in various hospital settings and maintained private practice in Ukraine since 1984.

Aleksey studied at Shiatsu Institute and Therapy Center for three years, received certification in Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai medical massage.