GUIDED BY ANCIENT WISDOM TCM BEAUTY Lush, nourishing, tried-and-true formulas distilled from the purest herbs and botanicals. Inspired by ancient experiences refined over millennia, our skincare collection protects, nurtures, and renews to uncover the beauty within. Our packaging is designed with oracle scripts, which are the first handwriting of mankind, found in ancient tombs and fossils, synonymous with the fact that TCM is the first healing notion in humanity. TCM BEAUTY FROM THE OUTSIDE, IN FACIAL TREATMENT MASKS Ancient TCM wisdom melds with modern innovation in our bio cellulose sheet masks to revive and hydrate skin for a long lasting radiance. Each mask is infused with mineral-rich rice and lotus flower water , an abundant source of vitamins E, B, C, Omega-9 and fatty acids combined with advanced liposome technology which enhance absorption for maximum results. Our collection moisturizes and tightens skin, minimizes pores, softens wrinkles, improves circulation and brightens. Perfect for all skin types. Radiant, youthful skin comes from a balanced, healthy body. Redmint skincare collections blend together ancient wisdom, nature's power, modern science and a holistic approach to skin health - topically and internally.