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Inner balance, outer glow

Health of skin + body

Our exceptional range of skincare collections are rooted in TCM and infused with potent botanicals found in the ancient herb book, Ben Cao Gang Mu. These extraordinary herbs are Yin nourishing, Qi uplifting and Yang regenerating; powering topical superfood that help rebalance skin’s microbiome, restore moisture levels and revitalize a natural glow.


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Facial Treatment Masks

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Radiant, youthful skin comes from a balanced, healthy body. Redmint skincare collections blend together ancient wisdom, nature's power, modern science and a holistic approach to skin health - topically and internally.

Holistic Rituals

Nourish every inch

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herbal extracts

Herbal tonics have benefits that put a coffee buzz to shame—these functional, medicinal blends have been used since ancient times to improve immunity, sleep, focus, digestive health and more.

Combine multiple extracts for symbiotic effects or use individually for a specific purpose.  Add to your favorite smoothie, coffee, cocktail or consume right out of the bottle. 

extracts + remedies

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elixirs + remedies

Herbal Extracts

self care at home

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Learn how to sleep better, manage stress, improve your mood, boost your radiance and more with our custom collection for overcoming life challenges.

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