Holistic Wellness Lifestyle 

Born out of a quest for solutions, Redmint aims to educate and enlighten individuals about the transformative effects of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which is rooted in the belief that the key to health is a balanced approach to mind, body and soul. The name Redmint itself is rooted in meaning (“red” connoting passion and drive and “mint” signifying a refreshing pause). The marriage of these two distinct, yet complementary forces embodies the spirit of the ancient Chinese principle, Yin and Yang, which emphasizes that everything exists as inseparable elements that form a balanced, interconnected and harmonious whole. 

Redmint’s goal is to help reveal the power of TCM and empower people to incorporate this holistic health ritual as a part of their daily routine for natural, true beauty. By doing so, Redmint helps inspire people to take charge of their internal health with a holistic self-care ritual supported by ancient wisdom of TCM and modern science.