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Acupuncture works to activate the internal energy system as the natural self-healing ability of the body, which can strengthen and harmonize the body to address root causes of symptoms, restore essential balances and achieve optimal health with lasting benefits.



Each facial features herbal ingredients or tools that have been used for centuries in Eastern beauty rituals. We combine the ancient wisdom with modern skin-care techniques that amplify your results, delivering the nourishment you deserve on all fronts.



Deeply revive your body and balance the mind-body connection; encourage the flow of energy (Qi) and blood within the body to promote detoxifications, improve circulation, release tensions in joints and muscles, relax mood to reduce stress, promote better sleep, soothe stiffness, and relieve pain.


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Ancient care, Modern You

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Herbs have the power to heal the underlying root causes of many health concerns. Herbal formulas are the ultimate, tried-and-true medicine for your body, soul and glow. Speak with one of our TCM doctors during your visit for a herbal prescription.

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LED + Infrared therapy

Endless whole-body health benefits to help detoxifaction, anti-inflammatory of muscular, digestive and nervous system, skin concerns, pain relief, better sleep, stress and anxiety management, cognitive performance, and strengthen immunity.


Virtual Services

One-on-one appointments or virtual classes to balance time and work/life commitments, while achieving effective health benefits.

Experience holistic selfcare anywhere at the comfort of your own space.


Redmint Mission

Restore your inner balance to be healthier, stronger and more resilient; Empower you to be your best self; Discover the best ways to unite your body, mind and spirit; Motivate you to love yourself and your true power; Invest in your new found journey; Navigate your path to authentic health and wellbeing; Transcend conventional beauty by going beyond looking good but feeling better.