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Redmint Rituals

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Stimulate pressure points along meridian channels. This helps balance Qi (life-force energy), help alleviate concerns such as pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety, inflammation, hormone imbalances, anti-aging and more.

50 mins $129 or $139 // 80 mins $199

Members $115 // $125 // $175

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Body Treatments

Deep therapeutic bodywork that balances the mind-body connection. This technique encourages the flow of Qi within the body to promote lasting relaxation, improve mood, relieve stiffness and reduce stress

50 mins $139 // 80 mins $199

Members $125 // $175

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Combo Experiences

Combining the restorative benefits of acupuncture, Tui Na, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, gua sha, sound tools or cupping, these powerhouse treatments are ideal for stressed-out minds and sore muscles.

50 mins $139 // 80 mins $199

Members $125 // $175

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At Redmint, facials are more than just skin-deep. Our treatments increase your overall ability to thrive while leaving your skin toned and nourished.  With regular visits, Redmint facials give your skin a glow that radiates from within

50 mins $139 - $169 // 80 mins $199 - $219

Members $125 // $150 // $175 //$200

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herbal bar

Nestled inside our urban wellness sanctuary, Redmint's herbal bar is a retreat from the din of the city life.  Visit us and sip on herbal tonics, herbal lattes, and teas. Grab one on the go or relax in our herbal bar lounging and rebalancing your Qi. 

Herbal Tonic or Coffee $6.80

Herbal Coffee $8.00

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Virtual Offerings

Convenient, effective and flexible.  Virtual services and classes can help balance time and work/life commitments, while still delivering an effective health result.  Start and continue your holistic rituals anywhere.

Classes $12-19

One-on-One $65

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Let's Journey on

We believe that the future of health care is holistic medicine. When you adopt a lifestyle that embraces self-care, you are your best medicine.