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When you become a Redmint member, you’re granted access to inspirational lifestyle events and self-care rituals rooted in holistic & natural medicine. Immersed in this dynamic community, you will find yourself naturally feeling healthier, looking brighter, and living more purposefully. Each membership level comes with an array of monthly benefits. Choose the one that’s right for you and discover life the way you crave it — stronger, healthier, more balanced and in the flow.  

$115 / Month


$125 / Month


$175 / Month


$255 / Month


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Restore your balances by nourishing your soul, rejuvenating your body and finding clarity of mind, thus regenerating passion within.

All memberships enjoy special member pricings on Full-body LED Therapy, HydraFacial, Peel Facial, and Hair Restoration. Expired and un-used membership credits can be used to purchase products or gift cards. Memberships are free to cancel after 6 months.

*Memberships exclude HydraFacial, Renewal Peel Facial, Full Body LED Therapy and Hair Restoration treatments.

**20% gratuity will be added automatically for all membership treatments.