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Tui-Na // Gua-sha

Tui Na and Gua sha are TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) terms used to describe therapeutic massage and body treatments that harmonize and balance the mind-body connection. They encourage the flow of Qi within the body to promote lasting relaxation, improve mood, and reduce stress levels. These modalities have also been scientifically proven to be anti-inflammatory to the body, which can benefit weight, sleep, digestion, headaches, and more.  

Therapeutic & Invigorating

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Lymphatic Detox

Drainage and Rehabilitating 

A gentle and rhythmic body treatment. The technique is used to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body, helping speed up the detoxification process. This treatment gives your immune system a boost so you can absorb nutrients better. Ideal for recovery, weight management, or energy recharge. 

55 mins $139 // 85 mins $199

Members: 55 mins $125 // 85 mins $175

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Digestive Health & Menopause support

Chi Nei Tsang ("transforming the energy of the internal organs") abdominal body treatment is paired with breath work and resolves digestive system challenges. This treatment balances hormones and works directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal areas where stress, tension, and negative emotions accumulate.

55 mins $139

Members: 55 mins $125

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Sound + Deep Tissue Therapy

Signature Deep Healing

A restorative body treatment that increases circulation thus eliminates soreness and pain.  Integrating sound tuning forks that induces a deeper state of relaxation + deep tissue acupressure that promotes fluid and blood circulations, this treatment facilitates balancing and renewing of internal system to help your body to rest and your mind to retreat. 

55 mins $139 // 85 mins $199

Members: 55 mins $125 // 85 mins $175

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