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TCM Rooted

“I believe wellness is a lifestyle. My personal wellness is rooted in the fundamentals of TCM. But it didn't start that way. For years, I suffered from one problem after another –– resulting from stress, exhaustion, and an out-of-whack work life. Despite years of physical therapy and reliance on prescription drugs, I constantly felt off-balance – with mood swings, low energy, body aches and a general malaise. I was determined to regain my vitality and to feel like myself again. So I sought out the ancient wisdom of TCM and reclaimed balance through acupuncture, herbal remedies, skincare topicals, and many more TCM healing modalities...” 

- Helina, Redmint Founder.

OUr vision

founding redmint

Redmint is in the business of changing life: to revolutionize the wellness and beauty industry through the holistic healing practices of TCM.

TCM Wellness from the inside, out. TCM beauty from the outside, in.