Redmint TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ancient care, modern you


Redmint delivers a holistic, traditional medicine approach to modern wellness.

Symptoms persist, stresses accumulate and struggles multiply... Redmint activates the self-healing abilities within to restore you back to peak performance; maximize your abilities to pursue goals and aspirations.

Redmint melds the ancient wisdom of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with modern innovations to empower holistic health rituals that form the ultimate selfcare routines; products and services rooted in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that augment health and transcend beauty into a truly healthy you, glowing from the inside out.

“For years, I struggled with health issues that effected my energy, mental clarity, cognitive performances, stress level and skin complexion ... problems that I was stuck with with no answers... I had no concepts of holistic medicine, root causes of symptoms, natural healing and a balanced health...

On top of it all, after understanding our bodies are not made for quick fixes and cure-all methods, I was determined to find a holistic solution to regain my health. Then I stumbled onto the ancient practices of TCM and reclaimed my vitality through acupuncture, herbal medicine, skincare topicals, and many more TCM healing modalities...”

- Helina, Redmint Founder, Business Managment & Doctor of TCM

Redmint Healing for better sleep, stress relief, digestive guts health, pain relief, immunity, energy



Redmint is in the business of changing lives; to revolutionize the wellness industry through the holistic healing powers of TCM.

Redmint​'s urban wellness sanctuaries comprised of holistic healing services, retail shopping of herbal skincare and wellness remedies, lifestyle events and a bespoke herbal bar –– rooted in TCM and optimized for modern lifestyle.

Our services and products are transformative, preventative, and restorative in nature to help you attain your best self. TCM is an integral part of a truly healthy lifestyle and an optimal way to take charge of your health.  We embrace the principles of TCM that all things exist as inseparable elements to form the foundations of a balanced, interconnected, and dynamic whole.

Red connotes fire, speed, passion and drive. Mint is refreshing and cooling, a soothing pause. United as one, Redmint evokes a sense of balance and harmony; and the greatest strength lies in the union of opposites.

Redmint Wellness Holistic Journey to Health and Selfcare

Redmint Promises

Restore your inner balance to be healthier, stronger and more resilient; Empower you to be your best self; Discover the best ways to unite your body, mind and spirit; Motivate you to love yourself and your true power; Invest in your new found journey; Navigate your path to authentic health and wellbeing; Transcend conventional beauty by going beyond looking good but feeling better.