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TCM Rooted

“For years, I suffered from fatigue, skin inflammation, irritability, brain fog, digestive issues, infertility and restless sleep... problems that I was stuck with with no answers... I had no concepts of holistic medicine, root causes of symptoms and a balanced health...

Despite numerous wellness therapies, many food remedies, and doctor visits, I was not at my best. I was recommended life-long medications and surgeries, but it was difficult to see that they were the only choices for a young female in a busy life.

On top of it all, after seeing how pharmaceutical pills and surgical procedures could do harm to our bodies long-term, I was determined to find a holistic approach to regain my health. Then I stumbled onto the ancient practices of TCM and reclaimed my vitality through acupuncture, herbal medicine, skincare topicals, and many more TCM healing modalities...”

- Helina, Redmint Founder.

Our vision

The Next Generation of Wellness

Redmint is in the business of changing life: to revolutionize the wellness and beauty industry through the holistic healing practices of TCM.

TCM Wellness from the inside, paired with TCM beauty from the outside.