Whether you’re looking for an on-the-go express treatment, a fully customized-private wellness day, or services at the comfort of your home, we have many ways for you to reap the benefits of TCM holistic rituals. 


Virtual One-on-One 

Through discussion and assessments, one of our TCM doctors will curate a list of herbal ingredients and remedies to assist with any health concerns, or better living and sustaining wellness in your daily life. Herbs will be mailed to you after the appointment.

Special Membership Pricing

20 mins $49

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Virtual Class

Slows down the aging process; reduces the appearances of wrinkles; increases blood circulation; releases any tension in the face and neck; strengthens facial muscles; firms and tightens facial skin... the benefits of face yoga are endless to discover.

Special Membership Pricing

25 mins $12 

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Virtual Class

Gentle movements help move blood and oxygen around the body, nourishing the organs and tissues promoting healing and regeneration.  This rhythmic movement can also reduce stress and anxiety, increase vitality and enhance immune functions.

Special Membership Pricing

50 mins $19

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A conference link will be sent to the email on your account a few minute prior to start.  Please check your spams folder if needed.