What Is a Gua Sha Stone and How Is It Beneficial for You

You may have seen those face roller tools that a lot of people, especially women, like to use. The roller has a smooth stone in the middle and it is said to rejuvenate your skin. This stone is called a Gua Sha stone, but how exactly does this work? 


What Is Gua Sha? 


Gua Sha is a Chinese medical treatment that helps to clear blocked energy in your body. It treats many different conditions ranging from pain to skin issues. It uses a special smooth stone, called the Gua Sha stone, to produce pressure or abrasion on the skin. This pressure stimulates the skin and pores and it is thought that this is done to treat pain and diseases.  


The Benefits of Using a Gua Sha Stone 


The Gua Sha stone is a lot of fun to use and it can be done by yourself. Below are some of its most common benefits. 


  1. Encourage Circulation


When the Gua Sha stone is used with pressure on your face, you are encouraging better blood flow. Blood circulation is an essential part of the body's process because it delivers nutrients and minerals that your body needs. It helps to keep you healthier and gives your skin what it needs to keep it looking fresh and smooth. 


  1. Enhance Energy Movement


If you are a firm believer in energy in the body or qi, then this treatment is for you. It is meant to restore the balance of the energy in the body and to get it flowing throughout. An imbalance of this energy does not only mean negativity in the physical aspect but also in your emotional and spiritual sides. 


  1. Relax Your Muscles


Whether you are trying to work out tension in a tight spot or get more blood flowing to a specific area, the Gua Sha stone can help you relax. If a certain area of your face is a little stiff, you can get a roller with a Gua Sha stone and just start massaging that area to get the blood flowing and to help relieve any tight or tense muscles. 


  1. Reduce Puffiness


If you are like me, you have had those days where you wake up and your face looks like you have been crying for three days straight. A face roller with a Gua Sha stone will help smoothen out this skin and flatten it down. Nobody likes having a puffy face and using a Gua Sha roller is an excellent way to make sure it does not turn out that way. 


  1. Stimulate Collagen Production


A Gua Sha stone roller triggers collagen production. Collagen helps to keep the skin moisturized, decreases wrinkles and fine lines, and can even help to reduce acne. So having more collagen and better production of it in your body will result in better and smoother skin. 




Whether you use a Gua Sha stone roller to stimulate blood flow or to just relax your muscles, there is no doubt that this treatment will help you. It is sure to help you achieve your goals and is a fun and natural way to enhance your skin. 


We take a holistic and natural approach to wellness using traditional Chinese medicine at Redmint. Experience new wellness methods and remedies, including rejuvenation through a gua sha and roller set. Book a service with Redmint today. 

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