What to Know about the Zang Fu Organ System Theory

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes into account the complete body. The human body’s organs are part of a complex system that assures the body's ability to fulfill its functions successfully. They are also interconnected in numerous ways, as per the “Zang Fu Organ System Theory”.

Read on to discover more about the Zang Fu Organ System Theory today.

The Human Body: The Zang and the Fu

The human body contains six Fu organs and five Zang organs. The fu organs are the gallbladder, big intestine, small intestine, urine bladder, and san jiao (or triple burner.) When compared to fu organs, Zang organs resemble superheroes, whereas fu organs resemble their sidekicks. Everything in Zang fu organ theory is linked, harmonious, and interwoven, much like Yin and Yang.

The Heart

The heart's equilibrium is dependent on the contributions of energy from the other organ systems. The small intestine is known as the "Fu" organ of the heart.

In case you didn’t know, the heart regulates the rate of a body’s perspiration. As such, excessive sweating could be caused by a Qi imbalance. When the heart is in good health, the color of the tongue will be a vivid shade of crimson. A pale tongue, however, indicates fluid stagnation and an imbalanced cardiovascular system.

Bitter tastes are usually associated with the heart. Your bitter food cravings indicate that there is an imbalance in your heart organ.

The Kidney

When other organs in the body require more Qi, the kidney works as the body's "reserve generator," distributing it to those organs. The bladder, its Fu counterpart, serves as a support system for the kidney.

Ear problems are frequently an indication that your kidneys need extra attention. Further kidney issues are also related to bone tissue function. When the kidney is not well, patients often encounter osteoporosis, dental diseases, or developmental issues.

If you find yourself reaching for that bag of salted potato chips, chances are your kidneys are unbalanced. The more salty food cravings you have, the more your kidney needs attention.

The Liver

TCM believes that emotional moods and mental stress both have an effect on the liver. It promotes the circulation of Qi, blood, and emotions.

While the gallbladder is known to help the liver function, the eyes are a "system" of the liver. According to traditional Chinese medicine, a failing liver may be the cause of impaired vision, red or dry eyes, or itchy eyes.

Furthermore, the “sour” flavor is related to the liver. When you are craving sour and acidic candies, this could be an indication that your liver needs to be restored to balance.

The Lungs

The lungs and big intestine, both parts of the fu organ, receive the most attention due to their closeness to the epidermis. Because the lungs are closely related to the skin, Acne and eczema are both linked to the health of your lungs. Reduced lung function symptoms may also include a stuffy nose, sneezing, loss of smell, and sinus congestion.

Spices and peppers are beneficial to the lungs’ function. Spicy tastes enhance respiratory function while keeping issues at bay.

The Stomach

According to TCM, the stomach is in charge of digesting food and processing emotions. Stress and negative thoughts have the potential to wreak havoc on one's digestive tract; as a result, understanding how to manage stress properly is crucial to maintaining good gut health.

Persistent anxiety or overthinking might have an effect on the spleen, which is part of the stomach's Fu organ. Bleeding gums and bad breath are also indicators of a gastrointestinal imbalance. Such signs point to the stomach taking on a lot of mental and emotional pressure.

While having a sweet tooth may seem harmless, constant sugar cravings may mean that your stomach needs some help. Instead of giving in to your sugar cravings, try drinking water and more fluids to wash away your sweet tooth.


The interconnectedness of our bodily organs is truly astonishing to learn about. At the same time, however, they make sense! Now that you know more about the Zang Fu Organ System Theory, you can finally take a closer look at the state of your physical well-being.

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