Inner Balance, Outer Glow

Glow acupuncture takes a holistic and natural approach to beauty, addressing not only skincare needs but also total health and well-being.

This service improves facial, physical + mental health, stimulates collagen production, renews skin elasticity, promotes blood circulation to the face delivering essential nutrients to skin cells for healthy complexion, reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles to look good & feel great.

The natural alternative to Botox

Glow Acupuncutre

Face + Body

Take care your health and beauty needs altogether in one treatment.

This service includes acupuncture on the face and body to, internally and externally, address the root causes of aging while harmonize inner health, promoting natural and lasting glow from within.

45 mins $170 // Membership $160

75 mins $250 // Membership $240

100 mins $340 // Membership $330