One-of-a-kind Redmint exclusive delivers you an absolute mind + body restore. This service is performed by two exceptional practitioners of a massage therapist and an acupuncturist, both coming together to create one unique experience for you.

50 mins (30 mins acupuncture + 20 mins of massage therapy) $195 // Membership $185

80 mins (30 mins acupuncture + 50 mins of massage therapy) $255 // Membership $245

This service requires booking two consecutive appointments labeled as 1st, and 2nd with the corresponding service. Recommend calling to book this service.

Ancient healing, modern use

Ancient chakra balancing massage

This holistic healing practice combines traditional massage techniques, vital energy centering, sound healing and visual meditation in the ancient concept of chakra. This service also connects with nature with the use of rose petals, lavender, copal, and eucalyptus.

This powerful ancient healing practice aims to release emotional blockages; achieve a heightened sense of spiritual connection within your inner self and promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

80 mins $335 // Membership $325

100 mins $420 // Membership $410