Preventative & Transformative

Signature Healing

One-of-a-kind Redmint exclusive, crafted together to deliver you an absolute mind + body restore.

This service combines two holistic healing modalities in one setting. Each technique enhances the effects of the other, leading to improved wellbeing and lasting benefits.

Acupuncture + Cupping

Two modalities together can synergistically boost immune system, improve blood flow and speed up physical recovery leading to a more profound impact on pain relief.

45 mins $175 // Membership $165

75 mins $255 // Membership $245

Acupuncture + Massage Therapy

The combination of both therapies can deepen restoration, help manage stress more effectively, target pain more effectively and promote a greater sense of balance and wellbeing.

45 mins $175 // Membership $165

75 mins $255 // Membership $245

Acupuncture + Sound Wave Therapy

An unique holistic treatment approach that targets both the physical and psychological aspects of well-being. This integrated experience can lead to a greater sense of harmony with a mind-body connection.

45 mins $175 // Membership $165

75 mins $255 // Membership $245

Acupuncture + Meridian GuaSha Therapy

The two traditional techniques together offer a powerful approach to reduce pain, enhance circulation to help nourish tissues and organ function and imrove the body's overall metabolic processes.

45 mins $175 // Membership $165

75 mins $255 // Membership $245

Redmint Meridian Gua Sha Massage Therapy

Glow Acupuncture + Mini Facial

Facial glow acupuncture is known for its anti-aging impacts to stimulate collagen production and skin elasticity. This service dleivers a profound enhancement in skin health, texture and firmness.

45 mins $215 // Membership $205

75 mins $285 // Membership $275

Massage + Sound Wave Therapy

Sound tuning forks is a holistic TCM healing practice from the ancient time. By applying skilled pressures to specific acupressure points on the body using the vibrations and frequencies produced by sound tuning forks, Paired with massage therapy, this treatment deeply promotes a sense of wellbeing and re-balances energy flow of the body.