Herbal bar

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At the Redmint​ Sanctuary, our bespoke herbal bar prescribes holistic remedies that harmonize the body to restore healthy balance and rehabilitate internal functions – all rooted in TCM and optimized for modern living. Since ancient times, herbs have been used for their medicinal properties, well before their culinary use. Redmint's TCM experts have curated an proprietary menu of herbal lattes, shots and teas, all incorporating tried and true formulas with modern science-backed benefits. Grab one on the go or relax in our herbal bar after your treatment to prepare for urban re-entry. 

Qi, our vital energy, is transformational to health




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Part urban escape pod and part life-changing social club, we deliver ancient care for the modern you. From acupuncture to Tui Na massage; herbal remedies to vibrational sound healing, get acquainted with unkinked muscles and deeper sleep. Share a laugh with plumped lines and relieved joints. Flirt with the energy of your dreams. Every visit brings you closer to how you want to feel, look and be. Stronger. Healthier. Balanced and in the flow. Life’s a journey. Discover yours here. Come say hello.