Laurel Heights Holistic Wellness Centers

A growing number of men, women and families are turning to Laurel Heights holistic wellness centers to find relief from nagging physical and mental ailments — and Redmint features one of the premier facilities in the area.

Redmint provides our clients with access to our lush wellness oasis, where we provide a variety of bespoke services that are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is an all-natural, holistic approach to health that takes into consideration, not just physical health, but also health associated with a person’s mental, spiritual, emotional and social state.


Why holistic wellness centers in Laurel Heights CA are gaining popularity

If you have been to a traditional doctor for a nagging ailment — perhaps chronic pain — then there is a good chance that you have been let down with the results. Biological medicine is rooted in the idea that powerful drugs can be used to dull or mask symptoms only to see them return after a while.

At Laurel Heights holistic wellness centers like Redmint, services are based on the idea and belief that:

  • Every person’s body is equipped with the innate ability to heal itself. That’s why treatments are designed to enhance the body’s healing power.
  • Treatments should not target a certain illness, rather, address the needs of the person as a whole.
  • Prevention is the primary component of strong health and welling. At holistic wellness centers in Laurel Heights CA like Redmint, we have services that help you keep ailments away. Treatment is always secondary.
  • A strong relationship between the practitioner and patient must be a tight one. Our team needs to get to know you and your lifestyle in order to be able to walk alongside you on your wellness journey.

From acupuncture and full body LED therapy to sports massage and a wide range of herbal and CBD skin care facials to address skin imperfections — Redmint features all-nature services that enhance your rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Redmint provides the resources to restore your inner balance and reap the internal and external benefits.

Embark on a self-care journey at one of the premier Laurel Heights holistic wellness centers by connecting with Redmint right now. Or, you can also take your self-care journey home with you with our collection of herbal and CBD skin care products. Explore them right now.